"Chant de Ralliement" ("The Rallying Song") is the national anthem of Cameroon. The song was prepared in t...

Chant de Ralliement

"Chant de Ralliement" ("The Rallying Song") is the national anthem of Cameroon.

The song was prepared in the delayed 1920s. It was old on an unofficial footing activation in 1948 before independence and officially adopted in 1957. 

The music was cool, calm, and collected by René Djam Aflame, who as well wrote the lyrics next to with Samuel Minkio Bamba and Moïse Nyatte Nko'o. The lyrics were updated in 1978.

French Script

Ô Cameroun berceau de nos ancêtres,
Va debout et jaloux de ta liberté,
Comme un soleil ton drapeau fier doit être,
Un symbole ardent de foi et d'unité.
Que tous tes enfants du Nord au Sud,
De l'Est à l'Ouest soient tout amour,
Te servir que ce soit le seul but,
Pour remplir leur devoir toujours.

Chère Patrie, Terre chérie,
Tu es notre seul et vrai bonheur,
Notre joie et notre vie,
En toi l'amour et le grand honneur.
Tu es la tombe où dorment nos pères,
Le jardin que nos aïeux ont cultivé.
Nous travaillons pour te rendre prospère,
Un beau jour enfin nous serons arrivés.
De l'Afrique sois fidèle enfant
Et progresse toujours en paix,
Espérant que tes jeunes enfants
T'aimeront sans bornes à jamais.


O Cameroon, Thou support of our Fathers,
The holy place of pilgrimage anywhere
in our center, they currently repose,
Their tears and blood and sweat thy soil did water,
On thy hills and valleys one time their tillage rose.

Dear Fatherland, thy merit no tongue preserve tell!
How be able to we eternally shell out thy due?
Thy welfare we will triumph in work and be fond of and peace,
Will be to thy term forever true!


Land of Promise, state of Glory!
Thou, of time and joy, our individual store!
Thine be an honor, thine devotion,
And serious endearment, forevermore.

From Shari, from everyplace the Mungo meanders
from by the side of the banks of lowly Boumba Stream,
Muster thy sons in union precise around thee,
Mighty as the Buea Mountain be their team;

Instill in them the find irresistible of gentle ways,
Regret errors of the past;
Foster, for Mother Africa,
a loyalty that authentic shall linger to the last.