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Algeria 1
The French invaded the Ottoman Algeriad Popular Republic of Algeria|African country|African nation} in 1830 and created it an integral part of Metropolitan France among its colonial empire. For the subsequent century, the native population endured oppression and got no political rights. Consequently, a nationalist movement began within the Twenties and gained traction once world war II, when a commitment by the govt. to grant French Algeria autonomy didn’t take place. An outstanding member of this movement was Moufdi Zakaria, a Mozabite Berber author related to the Algerian party (PPA). He was imprisoned and tortured on many occasions between the Twenties and 1962. it absolutely was throughout one among these experiences, in 4 calendar month 1955, that he confined the words to “Kassaman”. Since he failed to have access to paper or writing instruments whereas incarcerated in Barberousse jail, Zakaria reportedly wrote the lyrics together with his own blood on the walls of his room. The musical portion of the anthem was afterward composed by Mohamed Fawzi, WHO was asked to undertake this effort once 2 earlier submissions by different composers – one among that were by Mohamed Triki – were rejected.
Both the lyrics and music were formally adopted in 1962; in this same year, the Évian Accords were signed paving the manner for a vote within which Algerians overpoweringly voted in favor of independence, that was punctually granted. though “Kassaman” was solely supposed to be a probationary anthem, it’s ensured to the current day.

Details of lyrics

The lyrics of the “Kassaman” area unit reflective of a war song. this can be as a result of it promotes nationalistic ideals and principles on the battlefront, glorifies the actions of the National Liberation Front (FLN), in addition to espousing armed battle and the way it’s the only real route to attaining independence. it’s additionally noteworthy in this it alludes to a different country – France – specifically regarding the violent struggle against them for independence. The song foreshadows however “the day of reckoning” can befall Algeria’s former colonial ruler.
Even though “Kassaman” was adopted in 1962, it absolutely was not till Nov 2008 that a change to Article five of the Constitution of Algeria was created declaring it as “immutable”, given its association with the country’s revolution. It additionally confirmed that the anthem contains all of the song’s verses, so ending the deliberation over beside it absolutely was still applicable to incorporate the unfavorable relation to France within the current day.
قسما بالنازلات الماحقات و الدماء الزاكيات الطاهرات و البنود اللامعات الخافقات في الجبال الشامخات الشاهقات نحن ثرنا فحياة أو ممات و عقدنا العزم أن تحيا الجزائر فاشهدوا… فاشهدوا… فاشهدوا…
نحن جند في سبيل الحق ثرنا و إلى استقلالنا بالحرب قمنا لم يكن يصغى لنا لما نطقنا فاتخذنا رنة البارود وزنا و عزفنا نغمة الرشاش لحنا وعقدنا العزم أن تحيا الجزائر فاشهدوا… فاشهدوا… فاشهدوا…
يا فرنسا قد مضى وقت العتاب و طويناه كما يطوى الكتاب يا فرنسا ان ذا يوم الحساب فاستعدي وخذي منا الجواب ان في ثورتنا فصل الخطاب و عقدنا العزم ان تحيا الجزائر فاشهدوا… فاشهدوا… فاشهدوا…
نحن من أبطالنا ندفع جندا و على أشلائنا نصنع مجدا و على أرواحنا نصعد خلدا و على هاماتنا نرفع بندا جبهة التحرير أعطيناك عهدا و عقدنا العزم أن تحيا الجزائر فاشهدوا… فاشهدوا… فاشهدوا…
صرخة الأوطان من ساح الفدا فاسمعوها واستجيبوا للندا و اكتبوها بدماء الشهدا و اقرأوها لبني الجيل غدا قد مددنا لك يا مجد يدا و عقدنا العزم أن تحيا الجزائر فاشهدوا… فاشهدوا… فاشهدوا
Possible English Translation
We have enriched life or death and resolved to live Algeria, witness … witness … witness …
 We enlisted for the sake of our wealth and to our independence by war, we did not listen to us when we spoke, we took the gunpowder ringtone by weight and played the melody of the machine gun to our melody and determined to live Algeria, witness … witness … witness …
 France has passed the time of reproach and we have also folded the book, France, if the day of reckoning, get ready and take us the answer that in our revolution separated the speech and we resolved to live Algeria Vchahdou … Vhdou …
 We are one of our heroes, we pay a soldier and on our remains we make glory and on our souls we go up Khalda and on our Hamat we raise the item of the Liberation Front, we gave you a covenant and we resolved to live Algeria, witness … witness …
 The cry of the homelands from the courtyard of the Feda, hear it, and respond to Nada and write it with the blood of the martyr and read it to the sons of tomorrow. We have extended to you, O glory, a hand, and we are determined to live Algeria.

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